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Anti-Defamation League

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on May 27, 2007 is the official site of the Anti-Defamation League, whose main goal is to stop the defamation of Jewish people.


“The immediate object of the League is to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people. Its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.”


In keeping with this objective, focuses on the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information related to extremism and hate activity. The site focuses on worldwide current events and presents them in an easy-to-understand format.


Extremely comprehensive, concentrates on areas of anti-Semitism, civil rights, combating hatred, terrorism, the Holocaust, and international affairs. There are also sections dedicated to Israel, law enforcement, religious freedoms, and security awareness. In addition to informing the reader of current events, each category explains the Anti-Defamation League’s position on the issues.


Among the hundreds of resources, is a comprehensive education section. ADL is a leading provider of anti-bias education and diversity training programs that aid to create all-encompassing home, school, community, and work environments. In addition, ADL offers parents and teachers resources and materials to assist in responding to questions raised by children in the aftermath of hate. These resources not only help to answer those questions, but arm kids with the tools of confidence and tolerance in hopes of making the world a better place.


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Winners of Inaugural MPA Digital Awards Announced – – Online News Association – Award-Winning Work

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on March 24, 2007

Winners of Inaugural MPA Digital Awards Announced – – Online News Association – Award-Winning Work
The winners of the first-ever Magazine Publishers of America MPA Digital Awards for Website of the Year, by category, were, for Business/News,; Fashion,; Entertainment/Celebrity,; Sports/Enthusiast,; and Service/Lifestyle,

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Posted by Cynthia Barnes on March 9, 2007

LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. They maintain a definitive and reliable “living” public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Their search engine helps people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. The online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area.

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Posted by Cynthia Barnes on March 8, 2007


“The best way to discover the conversations that are going on in your neighborhood—whether that’s where you live, where you work, or where you want to be.

See what locals are saying right now, and share your own wisdom with your friends and neighbors.”

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Share2me – Share Your Favorite Stuff on the Web With Share2me

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on February 5, 2007

Share2Me logoWendy Boswell from found another great site called Share2me. It is a free browser plug-in that allows you to share your favorite stuff on the Web with your friends across a variety of platforms with just one click. Say you find a picture on Photobucket that’s hilarious. Hit the Share2Me button. Then type in the names of your friends to use the auto fill address book. You can send to their IM, MySpace or email. Include your own MySpace page and it will show up in your profile too.

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Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Safety Topics [Macromedia Flash Player]

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on February 4, 2007

The world of aviation can be a mystifying one, and for those who hope to start a career in the field of aviation maintenance and repair, it can be even more trying. Fortunately, a number of websites contain primers on the basics on such fields, and this particular website has some very nice online courses on small aircraft engines and propellers. Created by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the site includes short interactive guides and a quiz on propeller safety. Visitors can also read over a number of articles from the archives of their publication “Safety Pilot”. Some recent articles of note include “First-flight fiascos” and “When Is an Aircraft Too Old?” For beginning students of aircraft maintenance, this website will be a most welcome find.

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Moodle 1.7

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on February 3, 2007

The word moodle is an acronym for “modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment”, which is quite a mouthful. What Scout Report readers should know is that Moodle 1.7 is a tremendously helpful opens-source e-learning platform. With Moodle, educators can create a wide range of online courses with features that include forums, quizzes, blogs, wikis, chat rooms, and surveys. On the Moodle website, visitors can also learn about other features and read about recent updates to the program. This application is compatible with computers running Windows 98 and newer or Mac OS X and newer.

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on February 1, 2007

Learning about various branches of mathematics can be tough at any age, and this fine set of resources created by staff members who are primarily based at the Utah State University is designed to make this process just a bit easier. With substantial funding from the National Science Foundation, they have successfully developed a large set of interactive online learning units that deal with topics such as geometry, arithmetic, and trigonometry. First-time visitors may want to begin by looking over the “About” section, which includes a tutorial designed for educators who wish to use the materials as well as another tutorial that will teach educators how to create lessons and activities. Delving into the learning materials at the site, visitors can browse through the learning modules by subject or grade level. Visitors can also browse teacher published lessons, all of which have been vetted by staff members at the National Library. Finally, visitors will want to definitely look over the virtual manipulatives library, which includes instructional materials that students will find quite engaging.

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World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 25, 2007

The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by the following Legal Information Institutes and other organisations.

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Drupal 5.0

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 24, 2007

With more and more groups and individuals becoming interested in placing content online, a number of programs have been developed to simplify this process, with a minimum of technical know-how. Drupal 5.0 allows users to create everything from personal websites to e-commerce applications. Visitors will also want to learn about the different modules that can extend Drupal’s functionality and look over the forums, which are heavily trafficked. This version is compatible with all computers running Windows 98 and newer or Mac OS X and newer.

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The State of Working America

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 23, 2007

Prepared biennially since 1988, EPI’s flagship publication sums up the problems and challenges facing American working families, presenting a wide variety of data on family incomes, taxes, wages, unemployment, wealth, and poverty — data that enables the book’s authors to closely examine the impact of the economy on the living standards of the American people.

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute [pdf]

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 22, 2007

Stanford University has been the home of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project for over twenty years, and they also have the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute. On their website, visitors can learn about their work, which includes sponsoring conferences, providing research fellowships, and developing the Liberation curriculum for educators interested in nonviolent movements. The Liberation Curriculum section is actually a fine place to start exploring the site, as it contains lesson plans and other online resources (such as transcripts of King’s speeches) that will assist teachers in crafting valuable classroom experiences. Visitors will also want to make sure and visit the King Papers Project section of the site as well. Here they can find transcripts of some of King’s most important works and a number of audio recordings of his sermons and speeches.

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Digital History [Real Player, pdf]

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 21, 2007

Utilizing digital and online technologies to teach different disciplines continues to be quite popular, and the Digital History website will be a most welcome find for teachers (and students) of American history. Developed in collaboration with the University of Houston, the Chicago Historical Society, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and several other entities the site includes an online American history textbook, an interactive timeline, a multimedia section, and a very rich selection of primary source materials. The multimedia section is a real find, as it contains several well-thought out lectures with titles like “The History of Domestic Violence”, “The Cultural Civil War of the 1960s”, and “America Today and America Past”. Students will also appreciate the writing guide area, as it contains several short essays on how to write in a history class and how to compose a critical book review.

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Collections Online: Joseph Cornell

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 20, 2007

Joseph Cornell was a man of many talents, and during his sixty-nine years his artistic endeavors included short films, shadow boxes, colleges, and his well-known assemblages. After his death in 1972, his sister began the process of donating his personal papers and various effects to the Smithsonian Institution. Over the past few years, the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art have worked to place a number of these materials online. First-time visitors can read a brief biography of Cornell in the “About the Collection” area and then move on to the “View Collection” section. Users will find that the collection is arranged into eleven series, which include areas dedicated to his diaries and various ephemera. Some sections of note here include the seventh series which contains some of Cornell’s later inkblot drawings and unfinished collages. Lastly, the second series here includes correspondence with artists who Cornell admired and collaborated with, such as Geraldine Page and Mark Rothko.

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Chem1 Virtual Textbook [pdf]

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 19, 2007

Chemistry serves as a fundamental discipline for those who will go on to careers in everything from medicine to nutrition and it is important for students of this science to have a wide range of resources at their disposal. One rather useful online resource is this virtual textbook for general chemistry created and updated by Professor Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University. Visitors to the site can dive right in by reading an introduction titled “What is Chemistry all about, anyway?”, and then proceed through a very well-structured set of chapters dedicated to the basics of atoms, equations, chemical energetics and other topics that would be typically covered in such a course. The site is rounded out by a good set of links to related interactive chemistry tutorials and exercises.

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Explorit Now! – BusinessResearch

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on January 18, 2007

Explorit Now! – BusinessResearch

BusinessResearch – a free, publicly available web portal allowing access to numerous business databases. It allows researchers, business professionals, and the general public to access pertinent business information quickly and easily.

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Posted by Cynthia Barnes on December 22, 2006

Shop from “more than 25 million products from over 45,000 stores” at Shopzilla. Navigate to the bottom of the home page to see their shipping widget; just enter in your zip code and from then on out your shipping will be automatically calculated should you choose to purchase anything.

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Posted by Cynthia Barnes on December 22, 2006 not only allows you to search for thousands upon thousands of different products, but they have an outlet store full of discounted products and bargains galore. For this cheapskate, this feature alone merited a bookmark.

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MSN Shopping

Posted by Cynthia Barnes on December 22, 2006

MSN Shopping. MSN Shopping’s home page is a bit crowded, but their featured stores and directory are both easy to navigate.

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Posted by Cynthia Barnes on December 22, 2006 is an extremely comprehensive shopping search engine, and can help you compare prices fast and simply.

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